Creative aerial services for everyone At Ottawa Drones, we pride ourselves in our creative abilities; working as remote camera operators, pilots on various devices, providing services to Media Agencies, Realtors, Business owners, and Tourism initiatives. We also offer in-house editing and full project lifecycle management. FPV drone services for the most immersive content We are pleased to offer First Person View (FPV) drone services. These drones offer incredible agility and promise to yield the most engaging and dynamic footage for your project.

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Offering commercial drone solutions for every industry We offer services in the fields of Precision Agriculture, Mapping and Surveying, Building Facade Inspection, Construction Progress Monitoring, Roofing and Insurance.
Who We Are

Ottawa Drones is a certified and insured drone services company offering a wide range of drone services in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal!

Don’t let the name fool you!

Our team has years of experience piloting UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in most urban centers in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. This allows us to deliver high-quality results fast! We also offer full turn-key project implementation, which includes managing your project, flying the RPAS, editing, and final delivery. We will work to exceed your expectations at every turn!

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Explore Our Main Services

Please have a look at the various services we offer: from commercial, industrial, agricultural, and media-centered to specialized FPV services!

Drone Precision Agriculture

Farmers are in a constant battle to increase crop yield while fighting the elements and natural pests. They need to produce more food on less land but don’t always have the tools to ensure their crops thrive. Using aerial imagery data collection methods, we can detect plant stress early on - before it’s too late.

Drone Golf Course Health Monitoring

Is the cost of golf course maintenance eating up most of your profits? Do you struggle to keep your green in top shape to attract more players? Thanks to drone technology, you can track the health of your fairway without having to walk all 18 holes every week!

Drone Inspections

Many industries rely on visual inspections to ensure the safety and integrity of their assets. But what happens when an inspection is too difficult or dangerous for humans or even robots to complete? That's where drones come in! By using drone technology, we can make these inspections safer than ever before. And still give our clients better data than they could have imagined getting out of an inspection.

Drone Construction

Construction sites are hard to keep track of. There are lots of moving parts, and it can be challenging to know where your project is at any given time. And the worst thing is that delays or mistakes can cost more time and money than you can afford. By using drones, you can make sure that your construction project stays on track.

Drone Mapping and Drone Surveying

Getting accurate, high-resolution maps of large areas is a huge pain. Having people on the ground taking measurements is time-consuming, labour-intensive and expensive. Plus, it doesn’t always provide the results that you need. That’s where drones come in.

Drone Video and Photo

In today's digital era, it seems that everyone's a photographer. Are you struggling to find ways to stand out? Whether you want to document special memories of a once-in-a-lifetime event or create stunning images to market your product or property, Ottawa drones can help you.

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Why work with us

We bring the latest technology with its growing potential into all fields or industries that may be starting to look at drones’ capabilities.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from engaging with each customer, finding creative solutions to their needs, and showing them how our services can impact their business fast.

And we pride ourselves on providing a spectacular service for a competitive price.

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