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Enhance Asset Efficiency with Advanced Thermal Drone Inspection Services

Experience the transformative power of thermal analysis with our Thermal Drone Services. Leveraging advanced thermal imaging technology, our services bring a new level of insight to asset inspections, significantly boosting their efficiency and sustainability. Specializing in diverse applications like solar panel inspections, roof wet spot detection, underground pipe leak detection, and building envelope heat loss analysis, our thermal drones are adept at uncovering critical insights that traditional methods might miss.

Our Thermal Drone Services cater to a variety of needs, offering significant benefits across multiple sectors. For solar energy systems, we identify underperforming panels, enabling you to maximize energy output and minimize operational disruptions. In roofing, our drones can swiftly detect wet spots and potential leaks, aiding in preventing extensive damage and extending roof longevity. This is particularly beneficial for roofing companies looking to accurately assess job scopes for competitive bidding. Furthermore, our services in building envelope analysis spotlight areas of heat loss, guiding targeted improvements that can substantially reduce energy costs.

With a commitment to precision and sustainability, our thermal drone solutions empower you to proactively manage your assets. They ensure optimal performance and environmental efficiency, making them an invaluable tool in modern asset management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of drones do you use?

We use a number of drones, such as the: Inspire 2, Mavic 3, Mavic 3T (Thermal), Mavic 3M (Multispectral), Mini 3 Pro, Custom built FPV drones; and we have access to many more through rental/partnerships.

Do you offer photo and video editing?

Yes! Flying the drone and capturing data is one part of most projects. We offer full photography and video editing services! Please ask us how we can help!

How far can you travel?

We are set up and able to travel anywhere in Canada. Fees apply.

Are you insured?

Yes, and we carry a lot of it! $6.25 million to be exact. This allows us to fly in challenging areas, and with companies that require $1M+ liability insurance.

How quickly can you be onsite?

We’re a busy group, with a number of contract operators available. If your project is urgent, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, e-transfer, direct deposit, and cheque. If you would like to pay by credit, there will be a 3% fee and please let us know before we send an invoice.

Do you store all videos and photos, in case I lose a copy or need them for some reason?

We do! We generally keep the original video and photos for up to 2 years. Please reach out to team@ottawadrones.com if you would like a copy.