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Revolutionize Your Live Streams and Broadcasts with Advanced Drone Services

Elevate your media, news broadcasts, and live streams with our specialized Drone Services. In today’s fast-paced world of media and broadcasting, delivering captivating, real-time content is crucial for engagement and success. Our cutting-edge drone technology offers a new dimension to your live coverage, providing stunning aerial views and dynamic footage unattainable from the ground. Ideal for live-streaming sports events, music festivals, breaking news, or creating engaging live content, our drones are equipped with advanced cameras and live-streaming technology, ensuring your audience enjoys a truly immersive experience.

Our Drone Services open up a realm of creative opportunities for live streams, media, and news broadcasts. They offer unique aerial perspectives and enrich visual storytelling, bringing a novel level of excitement to your audience. With our reliable, high-quality feeds, we empower media professionals, broadcasters, content creators, and event organizers to captivate viewers like never before. Collaborate with us to integrate aerial perspectives into your live streams and news coverage, capturing breathtaking moments and delivering news in a way that keeps your audience eagerly anticipating more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of drones do you use?

We use a number of drones, such as the: Inspire 2, Mavic 3, Mavic 3T (Thermal), Mavic 3M (Multispectral), Mini 3 Pro, Custom built FPV drones; and we have access to many more through rental/partnerships.

Do you offer photo and video editing?

Yes! Flying the drone and capturing data is one part of most projects. We offer full photography and video editing services! Please ask us how we can help!

How far can you travel?

We are set up and able to travel anywhere in Canada. Fees apply.

Are you insured?

Yes, and we carry a lot of it! $6.25 million to be exact. This allows us to fly in challenging areas, and with companies that require $1M+ liability insurance.

How quickly can you be onsite?

We’re a busy group, with a number of contract operators available. If your project is urgent, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, e-transfer, direct deposit, and cheque. If you would like to pay by credit, there will be a 3% fee and please let us know before we send an invoice.

Do you store all videos and photos, in case I lose a copy or need them for some reason?

We do! We generally keep the original video and photos for up to 2 years. Please reach out to team@ottawadrones.com if you would like a copy.