Thermal Drone Tech Finds Hidden Pipe Leak

At Ottawa Drones Inc., we recently showcased the potential of our thermal drone technology in addressing a significant challenge for an engineering company. The task was to detect a leak in an underground heating pipe, which was responsible for a substantial water loss of about 1,200 litres per day, adversely affecting the heating efficiency of a nearby building.

Using our advanced thermal drone, we conducted a flight to create a thermal orthomosaic of the area. This technique involves stitching together multiple thermal images to form a comprehensive view that highlights temperature differences on the surface. During the flight, our drone captured subtle variations in temperature, which are invisible to the naked eye.

Initially, while the thermal data provided a hint, it did not pinpoint the exact location of the leak. However, a breakthrough occurred a few days later when an employee surveying the land noticed bubbling water. Upon re-examining the thermal orthomosaic, we confirmed that the location of the bubbling water corresponded with a warm signal in the imaging. This discovery allowed our client to precisely locate and address the leak.

This project not only saved the engineering company valuable time and resources but also highlighted the power of thermal imaging in infrastructure maintenance. While direct detection was elusive at first, the combination of drone technology and on-ground observation led to a successful resolution.

Our thermal drone services offer innovative solutions that extend beyond traditional methods, providing clients with a new level of insight and operational efficiency. For more information on how we can assist with similar infrastructure challenges, contact Ottawa Drones Inc. We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions to complex problems.


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