Unleashing Power: AMD Threadripper Photogrammetry Processing Computer

We are excited to announce a significant upgrade to our processing capabilities with the acquisition of a new AMD Threadripper-based computer, specifically designed to handle photogrammetry processing tasks with unprecedented efficiency and speed.

Photogrammetry, the science of making measurements from photographs, is a critical component of our work, especially in projects that require detailed and precise 2D orthomosaics from images. The datasets involved are usually massive and processing them requires robust computational power. That’s where our new AMD Threadripper comes into play.

Equipped with the powerful AMD Threadripper 7970X, boasting 128GB of RAM, and supported by an Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU, our new system is a powerhouse engineered for speed and reliability. This impressive configuration enables us to process most projects quickly, ensuring we always have the capacity to take on more projects without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

What does this mean for our clients? Quicker project completion times. Whether it’s for construction, real estate, or landscape design, our clients can expect high-quality results delivered faster than ever before.

We are committed to continually investing in technology that enhances our service offerings. This new addition is a testament to that commitment, ensuring we remain at the cutting edge of photogrammetry processing. We look forward to seeing how our enhanced capabilities can help your next project succeed.

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