Thermal Drone Tech Finds Hidden Pipe Leak
June 10, 2024|Project News | 2 Min Read

At Ottawa Drones Inc., we recently showcased the potential of our thermal drone technology in addressing a significant challenge for an engineering company. The task was to detect a leak […]

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Drone Traffic and Parking Studies with Parkalytics
May 10, 2024|General Updates, Services | 2 Min Read

At Ottawa Drones Inc., we are leveraging the sophisticated capabilities of the Parkalytics platform to revolutionize traffic and parking studies. This strategic integration and new service offering enhances our ability […]

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Flyfire Manti 3 Plus Drone Parachute for DJI Mavic Series
May 3, 2024|General Updates, Regulatory | 2 Min Read

At Ottawa Drones Inc., we prioritize safety and compliance in all our operations, particularly when navigating the complexities of Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) activities. This commitment led us to […]

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Unleashing Power: AMD Threadripper Photogrammetry Processing Computer
May 2, 2024|General Updates | 2 Min Read

We are excited to announce a significant upgrade to our processing capabilities with the acquisition of a new AMD Threadripper-based computer, specifically designed to handle photogrammetry processing tasks with unprecedented […]

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